Shelflife is a series of paired entries. It’s one half personal portfolio and one half objects that I’ve earned, bought or been given. It’s the blog-end of visitordesign.

To contact me about the blog, visitor design or anything else, send email to protest [at] visitordesign [dot] com 

If you came looking for info on Fore by Visitor, look here, here or here.

If you came looking for the Acts of God: Rugs for Lost Homes edition, stay tuned…

If you want a custom, laser-etched bike saddle, bribe me.

For visitor editions including the Create or Consume t-shirts, VOL.1 & VOL.2 of the But They Don’t Blink oversized painting books, either the painted or stenciled editions of FORE, the L is for Laid poster, the I’M ALL 4 JESUS poster, the Choir Practice watercolors or the WASTE poster and forthcoming WASTE story book, try printed matter. As long as the editions are still open, they can get a hold of anything I’m making whether it’s in stock or not.

VISITOR / Chris Habib: Selected Exhibitions / C.V.