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Friday, February 13th, 2009

Romain Slocombe is one of my favorite image makers. It’s pretty much guaranteed that I’ll never fall for an artist on account of technical skill, pedigree or sundry other trite academic bullshit. I love Romain’s passion for fantasy, his rapport with his models, his oblique love of prosthesis and injury makeup and his effortless ability to wash pain and suffering with the precious pigment of humor.

Tristes Vacances is a small chap-book with some text by Francois Landon preceding a set of 15 color plates of paintings Romain made based on photographs of Japanese girls in various states of undress, bondage, bandage, battery and bliss. He gave me the book and a bunch of other work when we were cranking away on some film projects in NYC in 1996.

Romain Slocombe - Tristes Vacances