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Friday, April 4th, 2008

“FIRST ISH    MARCH 1995 / MARK GONZALES    HARMONY KORINE” The ADULTHOOD zine was another Aaron Rose agitation. So much of the literature that Aaron’s released on Alleged Press has left an apparent impression on what exactly pop-culture tastemakers have chosen to plagiarize since the 90’s. Like that moment of confused discomfort that sweeps in waves about one’s body following a notable crunching of the testicles, ADULTHOOD has left a persistent mark on those groins displaced by its steel-toed wit.

ADULTHOOD rolled two brilliantly damaged minds into a stromboli of crack-mania and mushroom-sautéed-observation–glopped together with the odd mozzarella of intermittent imagery–like Stephen Hawking displaying a record album edited to read, “tap dance music” with images of a swastika and a male portrait drawn atop the text. 

The zine was also ripe with sage wisdom–gems–“I DON’T KNOW WHAT KINDA RELACHIONSHIP YOU EXPECKTED YOUR GIRLFRIENDS ONLY TWELVE”.  Harmony typed up a list of 80 rumors. They forever changed my opinions of Tom Petty, Jessica Tandy, Nick Nolte, Corey Haim, Nestor Almendros and Kate Moss. Six toes? Elongated vagina? Tonsil wrasslin’ your dying sister? A dirty fish tank? Hector? Rehab-lockdown skin-flute to the tune of a photo of River Phoenix hanged?

People spend a lot of time fishing for genius in the deepest trenches of our intellectual oceans. Mark and Harm have made it their life’s work to remind us that it’s easier to just splash around with it in the kiddie-pool.

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